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OCZMA serves local elected officials on the Oregon Coast.  OCZMA is a clearinghouse of objective information on issues relating to the Oregon Coast—this information is then shared with the state and federal government.  OCZMA conducts studies on the Oregon Coast's economy and carries out applied research to improve the standard of living in the region.  Through our extensive network of local government officials and many other partners, OCZMA gives voice to the concerns and needs of coastal residents.



OCZMA enjoys a close working relationship with the eight state legislators representing the Oregon coast. OCZMA also work closely with the five members of Congress who represent the Oregon Coast in Washington D.C.

It is through these relationships that OCZMA members can shape events. Legislators and their staffs trust OCZMA to give them objective information and analysis on coastal issues.

Information on this site includes a helpful guide to Oregon’s Coastal Legislators and Oregon’s Congressional Delegation. OCZMA members tell us the guide (updated regularly) is a valuable service. The guide provides important contact information.

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Working with State & Congressional Legislators



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